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John Paul II's Theology of Communication

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The Gift of Femininity

is now available in a printed second edition. 

God's Call to Women

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration

Christine Anne Mugridge

In these spiritual memoirs, twelve women—Joanna Bogle, Ronda Chervin, Jo Croissant, Marika Gubasci, Kimberly Hahn, Genevieve Kineke, Chiara Lubich, Susan Muto, Maureen Roach, Joy Shiroi, Alice von Hildebrand, and Mercedes Arzu Wilson—share about their journeys to Christ and the Church and about their vocations to serve in the Church and the world. Their stories bear witness to their wise use of their gifts of femininity to advance the gospel. Let the memories and reflections of these outstanding Catholic women inspire and instruct you on God's call and gift to women. 

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Dr. Christine A. Mugridge is available for retreat and conference speaking.

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